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Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti 3 November 1931 Advertisements

Louis Malle

Louis Malle [30 October 1932 – 23 November 1995]

Patrice Chéreau

Patrice Chéreau [2 November 1944 – 7 October 2013]

Les Césars 2013

That is one great poster.

Sight & Sound’s Individual Top 10 Films Lists

The individual Top 10 films lists for the participants in this decade’s Sight & Sound The Greatest Films Poll have been published.  As I mentioned before, my tastes coincide a lot more with the 358 participating directors than with the critics. Here again is the directors’ Top 10 list: Tokyo Story (1953) Yasujirô Ozu 2001: […]

Sight & Sound’s Directors’ Top Ten lists

The Top Ten lists for five of the directors who participated in this year’s Sight & Sound poll have been released online: Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, Martin Scorcese, and Quentin Tarrantino. They’re pretty much what I’d expect from them, with Allen’s and Coppola’s lists being fairly conventional, Michael Mann’s slightly odd, Scorcese’s […]

Sight & Sound’s Directors’ Top Ten

The Top Ten Greatest Films of All Time as chosen by 358 directors is more in line with my own tastes than the Top Ten on the critics’ list. I’ve seen eight of these films, most recently their number one: Tokyo Story.