Sexy Boys [2001]

Sexy Boys-0063/10 | 6.Mar.13
Sexy Boys

DIRECTOR: Stéphane Kazandjian | WRITER: Stéphane Kazandjian | CAST: Julien Baumgartner, Matthias Van Khache, Jérémie Elkaïm, Armelle Deutsch, Virginie Lanoué, Sarah Marshall, Gaëla Le Devehat, Sylvia Kristel | France

Sexy Boys is the movie Julien Baumgartner and Jérémie Elkaïm made together just before they starred in À cause d’un garçon, so I was quite eager to see it. I assumed from the title, which is in English even though the movie is in French, and from the fact that they’re such cute and scrubbed-clean teenagers, that it wasn’t going to be a gritty urban drama or a war flick, but I sure wasn’t prepared for this dreadful, horrible, sub-American Pie piece of trash. Sexy Boys-001If there’s a low point it’s probably the scene in which Jérémie Elkaïm is rushed to the emergency room because the beer bottle he’d shoved up his ass backwards while masturbating got stuck and, to further the humiliation, the nurse assisting in the removal of the bottle is none other than the “older woman” he has a crush on. The acting is almost universally bad, with Elkaïm perhaps coming off the worst because he’s actually a talented actor. Julien Baumgartner, on the other hand, sails over the material with his innate charm and appeal; I find it impossible not to like him. Soft-core porn goddess Sylvia Kristel manages to keep her blouse on in her supporting role as a psychiatrist. The movie ends with the main kids performing a rousing ABBA-esque rendition of Édith Piaf’s old warhorse “Hymne à l’amour” that came as something of a welcome relief to what had come before.



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