Love and Bruises [2011]

Love and Bruises-0028/10 | 17.Feb.13
Love and Bruises

DIRECTOR: Ye Lou | WRITERS: Ye Lou, Liu Jie Falin | CAST: Corinne Yam, Tahar Rahim, Jalil Lespert, Vincent Rottiers, Sifan Shao, Patrick Mille, Zhang Songwen, Adèle Ado | France

My reaction to Love and Bruises is so at odds with all of the reviews I’ve read — they’re unanimously negative, some vehemently so — that I hesitate to write anything at all until I’ve watched the movie again in a week or two. It’s not that I don’t understand what the critics have written, since I do, but it strikes me that the root of their criticism lies in moral disapproval of the characters’ behavior. So for the time being just let me say that I found the movie melancholy and powerful; the directing and editing and cinematography nervous and edgy, decentered; and the acting uniformly good, but Tahar Rahim’s performance as Mathieu was exceptionally nuanced and moving. I don’t understand why the movie’s title is in English but perhaps I’ll have found out when I come back to this movie and write an actual review.



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