Les rivières pourpres II — Les anges de l’apocalypse [2004]

Les rivières pourpres II - Magimel & Reno-0025/10 | 11.Jan.13
Les rivières pourpres II — Les anges de l’apocalypse

DIRECTOR: Olivier Dahan | WRITER: Luc Besson | CAST: Jean Reno, Benoît Magimel, Christopher Lee, Camille Natta, Johnny Hallyday | France

Les rivières pourpres II - parkourThe sequel to Les rivières pourpres. This time Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) battles creepy monastics who’ve taken to parkour and perpetrating a series of savage murders, leaving their victims in crucifixion poses except when they decide to chop them up into manageable pieces instead. There are no evil scientists this time around, but Christopher Lee is on hand to play the unreconstructed Nazi villain and the Maginot Line — yes, the actual Maginot Line — plays a crucial role in the movie. Johnny Hallyday, France’s answer to Neil Diamond, plays a frightened monk, and although Benoît Magimel is cute as a button as Niemans’ sidekick Reda, he’s nowhere near as hunky as Vincent Cassel in a similar role in the previous film. Worth seeing for two scenes with hooded monks displaying their skills at parkour and for their rumble in a grocery store.



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