El corredor nocturno | The Night Runner [2009]

El corredor nocturno - Sbaraglia-0033/10 | 10.Jan.13
El corredor nocturno | The Night Runner

DIRECTOR: Gerardo Herrero | WRITER: Nicolás Saad | CAST: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miguel Ángel Solá, Érica Rivas, Jorge Sabate, Marta Lubos, Vicente Manuel, Ricardo Díaz | Argentina

Faust on the Plata. Leonardo Sbaraglia plays Eduardo López, a vice president of an insurance company who, we learn, was ruthless on his way up the corporate ladder. He’s approached in an airport by a man named Raimondo Conti (Miguel Ángel Solá) who insists they’ve met before, and before you know it Eduardo is pressured to enter into a compact with him…or else. The entire film deliberately looks as though it’s constantly about to rain, and according to a quote in the Spanish Wikipedia entry for the film there was some post-production blurring and muting of the colors. (Why, I couldn’t possibly tell you.) No real suspense or thrills or surprises. The acting is competent by all involved; well, I thought Leonardo Sbaraglia was really good but I’d happily watch him do anything or nothing on film. It finally struck me that I have yet to see Sbaraglia in a movie where he is not filmed taking a shower (he takes two here), or at least getting soaked. Huh. I’m not complaining.



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