Tous les soleils [2011]

Tous les soleils - Accorsi Aimée-0045/10  |  2.Jan.13
Tous les soleils

DIRECTOR: Philippe Claudel | WRITER: Philippe Claudel | CAST: Stefano Accorsi, Neri Marcorè, Lisa Cipriani, Clotilde Courau, Anouk Aimée | France

Alessandro is an Italian professor of Baroque music who lives in Strasbourg with his teenaged daughter and radical leftist brother (the brother is in self-imposed exile from Italy until Berlusconi is finally driven from office and is the source of what comic relief there is). That Alessandro is a very nice man should be obvious since he’s played by Stefano Accorsi, but if that weren’t clue enough he’s a loving father and brother, still mourns the death of his wife 15 years before, is known to be an engaging lecturer and easy grader at the university, belongs to an “early music” vocal group that performs Renaissance Faire-esque arrangements of ersatz madrigals, and volunteers his time as a reader of Quality Literature to terminally ill patients at the hospital. This could all have been too sticky sweet for words, but Accorsi is so genuinely likeable and Alessandro’s favorite patient, Agathe, is played so simply and winningly by Anouk Aimée, that you can’t help but hope that Alessandro finds someone just like Agathe to love and to cherish. So of course he does. A slight movie, a bit too sweet and wholesome for my tastes, but agreeable enough. As a bonus, Stefano Accorsi sings an entire ersatz Renaissance love song solo and proves to have quite a pleasant voice. What little we see of Strasbourg is very nice indeed.


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