Lie with Me [2005]

Lie With Me 0012/10 | 23.Nov.12
Lie with Me

DIRECTOR: Clément Virgo | WRITERS: Tamara Berger, Clément Virgo | CAST: Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour, Michael Facciolo, Polly Shannon | Canada

Near the beginning of Lie with Me, after Leila has finished masturbating while watching a pornographic video in the 10,000 square foot, stylishly Bohemian loft apartment she somehow manages to afford on her video store clerk’s salary, she makes her way to a singles bar intent on bagging herself a man. Or as she says in her heavy-breathing narration:

I’ve seen how pleasure touches a cock. It makes a guy look like he’s never coming back. Pleasure hurls right through him. I know how to fuck, how to get what I want, but my pleasure never feels through. Even when I come there are parts still stuck inside. It’s like pleasure clings to my stomach and swells up my through my throat. I need to feel myself like I’ve never felt myself before.

Lie With Me 009At the bar she sees a man she wants — David — but he’s otherwise engaged so she picks up another guy and has sex with him in the alley while David watches from his parked car while his girlfriend gives him a blowjob. Leila later meets David by chance, they have mindblowing sex in his tastefully appointed  Bohemian 20,000 square foot loft apartment with huge posters on the walls (L’Atalante, Che Guevara with the slogan “La patria o muerto”), interesting photographic prints hanging tastefully on clotheslines strung across his enormous bedroom, gorgeous hardwood floors, Persian carpets, endless open windows with billowing white linen curtains: the kind of loft apartment any apparently unemployed young man looking after his aged, infirm hipster father would live in.

David and Leila get together, then break up, get together again…oh, it doesn’t matter. This is a porn video complete with wall to wall full frontal nudity and apparently unsimulated sex but without insertion or money shots. Lauren Lee Smith throws her clothes off with abandon but simply can’t act. Eric Balfour, in real life a high gloss fashion model with a fashion model’s rather bizarrely exaggerated features, looks at all times like he’s conscious that a fashion photographer’s still camera is trained on him. All of the acting, in fact, is bad, although I liked Michael Facciolo as Shy Guy, the guy Leila picks up twice for wild sex (a control freak, she won’t let him come without her say so), but maybe that’s because he’s the only actor in the film who looks and acts like a normal, believable human being. The soundtrack is annoying, the screenplay risibly pretentious and vacuous, the directing leaden, the movie pointless. Or maybe not pointless, for the movie ends with Leila telling us:

You have to wait until you’re uncovered. You have to wait with someone naked and then you have to wait some more.

No thanks.


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