Do Começo ao Fim | From Beginning to End [2009]

3/10 | 27.Oct.12
Do Começo ao Fim | From Beginning to End

DIRECTOR: Aluizio Abranches | WRITER: Aluizio Abranches | CAST: João Gabriel Vasconcellos, Rafael Cardoso, Júlia Lemmertz, Fábio Assunção, Lucas Cotrim, Gabriel Kaufmann | Brazil

I just can’t get worked up about Do Começo ao Fim enough to care very much about it. It’s really bad to be sure, but it’s that blah kind of bad film that you watch because you’re too lazy to turn it off. I guess I was supposed to be moved by the love story between half brothers who’ve been inappropriately intimate all their lives — their mother and the fathers of each were concerned about it but nurturing while they were growing up — but the two only got down and did the nasty when they were 20 and 25 years old after their mother died and the father/step-father moved out. This delay despite the fact that they were raised together and in fact seemed to share the same bedroom from childhood on. Or if I wasn’t to be moved perhaps I should have been outraged at the idea of incest between the brothers, but the idea doesn’t phase me at all. I guess the only thing I really feel is disappointment that with incest as subject matter and two cute Brazilian guys in their 20s playing the brothers that there wasn’t more gauzy slo-mo coupling action to fill up the screen time. The acting is adequate for the most part, although I thought João Gabriel Vasconcellos as the older brother was actually pretty good; maybe it’s because I thought he was kinda hot. The two child actors who play the brothers as children are dreadful, and the Pachelbel Canon knockoff Love Theme was annoying as hell. I’m not rating this 2/10 (Terrible) but instead 3/10 (Really Bad) because of Vasconcellos and because the movie did introduce me to the name of the Brazilian writer Hilda Hilst — the brothers read aloud to each other from one of her stories — who I must make an effort to find out more about.


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  1. Tom Robinson · · Reply

    From Beginning to End has to be one of my favorite movies of all-time. The love story between the two brothers is sweet, passionate and haunting. I was delighted that neither of the brothers were punished at the end for dare falling in love with each other. I am also relieved that the incest between the brothers is not treated with voyeuristic sleaze. The comfortable, hypnotic chemistry between the two adult brothers rivals anything i’ve seen expressed between two actors.


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