Husbands [1970]

3/10 | 18.Oct.12

DIRECTOR: John Cassavetes | WRITER: John Cassavetes | CAST: Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Jenny Runacre | USA

Husbands is an exasperating mess that’s as self-indulgent and masturbatory as only bad actors working on their “craft” in improv class can be. If the stories that are told of Cassavetes’ sadistic treatment of extras whose confusion and tears wound up in the film are true, it’s a repellent mess to boot. Peter Falk deserves to be singled out for his atrocious performance, not that Ben Gazzara is much better. John Cassavetes plays a nicer version of the John Cassavetes character he trotted out for everything, and if you like it, you like it. I think his performance is the only thing about this film that slightly redeems it. But only slightly.

Sitting in front of me were these two fags. During the scene where the two guys get sick in the bar and throw up, one fag turned to the other and said, ‘I know what those critics are going to say. They’ll say it was incisive’. That was just about the time another guy sitting down front went running up the aisle getting sick to his stomach. Terrific. I really loved it.

So said John Cassavetes to Time magazine as quoted by Marshall Fine in his Cassavetes bio Accidental Genius. I’m with those fags.

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