Possessed [1947]

9/10 | 1.Oct.12

DIRECTOR: Curtis Bernhardt | WRITERS: Silvia Richards, Ranald MacDougall, Rita Weiman | CAST: Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, Raymond Massey, Geraldine Brooks | USA

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I marginally prefer Harriet Craig to Possessed both because psychotic neat-freak Joan Crawford is scarier than psychotic spurned girlfriend Joan Crawford, but also because Craig manor is a much nicer house with much nicer things in it than either the Graham mansion or lakefront house. Besides, Harriet Craig has K.T. Stevens in it. Still: 9/10.



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  2. Tom Robinson · · Reply

    Possessed is my favorite Crawford movie next to Female on the Beach and it’s all because of her leading man Van Heflin. Heflin is such a lovable cad. He takes his death almost in stride if it means not being tied to Crawford the rest of his life. One has to admire a guy who would rather sleep with the Grim Reaper than Crawford.


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