Sin retorno | No Return [2010]

5/10 | 21.Jul.12
Sin retorno | No Return

DIRECTOR: Miguel Cohan  |  WRITERS: Miguel Cohan, Ana Cohan  | CAST: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Martín Slipak, Federico Luppi  |  Argentina

There’s isn’t much that’s limper than a suspense flick without any of that suspense stuff, but that’s what ultimately is missing from Miguel Cohan’s by-the-books Sin retorno. (No American release as of yet. I assume the English title would be No Return.) A bicyclist is involved in back to back hit-and-run accidents but his death is pinned on the first driver who destroyed the bicycle but left the scene because the uninjured bicyclist was being an impossible asshole. (That accident was also fairly clearly the bicyclist’s fault.) The film tries to explore issues of taking personal responsibility, of guilt, self-justification, wishful thinking, graft, and revenge, but the writing and pacing are so slack that I ultimately didn’t care. One nice touch is that most of the characters are self-serving and unpleasant, as though Cohan were daring us to care about them. Leonardo Sbaraglia is excellent as the driver who merely wrecked the bicycle. The major character, an asshole architecture student with divorced bourgeois parents, is amateurishly played by Martín Slipak; Federico Luppi is much better if one note as the aggrieved father of the dead bicyclist.



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