Odete | Two Drifters [2005]

2/10 | 18.Jun.12
Odete | Two Drifters

DIRECTOR: João Pedro Rodrigues  |  WRITERS: Paulo Rebelo, João Pedro Rodrigues  |  CAST: Ana Cristina de Oliveira, Nuno Gil, João Carreira  | Portugal

In Odete, director João Pedro Rodrigues tries really hard to provoke our outrage with his transgressiveness, but he’s treading on well-trodden ground in borrowed platform shoes. It was like watching a grandstanding teenager in some small town give himself a mohawk and dye his hair blue: possibly surprising 25 years before in the Big City, but jeeze. What Rodrigues lacks in originality, visual flair, wit, he makes up for with his…well, nothing, really. Badly acted all around, with two thumbs way down for Ana Cristina de Oliveira, the Lusitanian Shelley Duvall. The final minute or so of the film is so clumsily performed and shot that I cringed. Minus a point for not filling the screen with more naked men.


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