La frontière de l’aube [2008]

2/10 | 12.Jul.12
La frontière de l’aube

DIRECTOR: Philippe Garrel  |  WRITERS: Marc Cholodenko, Arlette Langmann  |  CAST: Louis Garrel, Laura Smet, Clémentine Poidatz  |  France

La frontière de l’aube is one of those interminable movies about l’amour fou where you can’t wait for the two to just off themselves already and get it over with. Since the only reason to watch the movie is to see how stylishly director Philippe Garrel films his son Louis in high contrast black and white, I’ll save you all the trouble of watching the movie by linking to a gallery of stills. The movie stinks but Louis Garrel is hot. Go look at the stills.



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