Black Moon [1975]

4/10 | 2.May.12
Black Moon

DIRECTOR: Louis Malle | WRITERS: Louis Malle, Joyce Buñuel, Ghislain Uhry | CAST: Cathryn Harrison, Thérèse Giehse, Alexandra Stewart, Joe Dallesandro | France

It wasn’t until Thérèse Giehse (the creator of the role of Mother Courage) first appears in the film about 45 minutes into it that I realized that I had seen Louis Malle’s Black Moon before. I saw it when it was first released specifically for Giehse, in fact, and I remembered how disappointed I was that this was her final role. Suffice it to say that gigantic talking rats and fat, bitchy unicorns, let alone the bared breasts of Rex Harrison’s teenaged granddaughter, do not make even Louis Malle’s overly symbolic dreams all that interesting. The deliberately unsynched voice track was and is sheer hell for me. And then there is nowhere near enough Joe Dallesandro: all he has to do is stand there doing nothing at all and I’m happy and wish for nothing more. MORE OF THAT, PLEASE! The movie is essentially unrateable by me.



  1. […] as sort of a generic old woman — how different Thérèse Giehse was in a similar role in Black Moon! — and I found it very difficult to feel much for her. Mari Törőcsik, on the other hand, is […]

  2. […] Figgis’ The Loss of Sexual Innocence reminds me of anything, it’s Louis Malle’s Black Moon, another intensely personal film that aspires to recreate in extended form a symbol-laden […]


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