Kurutta kajitsu | 狂った果実 | Crazed Fruit [1956]

4/10 | 26.Apr.12
Kurutta kajitsu | 狂った果実 | Crazed Fruit

DIRECTOR: Kô Nakahira | WRITERS: Shintarô Ishihara | CAST: Masahiko Tsugawa, Takishima Natsuhisa, Mie Kitahara | Japan

Crazed Fruit is a sex-crazed-teenagers movie that is apparently seminal in Japanese cinema. What it isn’t is any good. Kô Nakahira’s directing is amateurish and stylistically all over the map, with tight close-up talking heads shot from Russian constructivist angles alternating with lazily blocked group scenes. Add a point for its alleged historical importance and because Masahiko Tsugawa is one of the prettiest teenaged boys I’ve ever seen.



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