Biruma no tategoto | ビルマの竪琴 | The Burmese Harp [1956]

4/10 | 26.Mar.12
Biruma no tategoto | ビルマの竪琴 | The Burmese Harp

(Kon Ichikawa: 1956)

no tategoto, 1956). Sentimental crap. Almost a half hour of film was apparently hacked off against Kon Ichikawa’s wishes when the movie was released in one part; this may have been done as a favor since although another 27 minutes of this might have closed some of the yawning gaps in the narrative, it would have been torture to sit through. Rentarō Mikuni, who was just terrific as counselor to the Iyi clan in HARAKIRI, is excellent here as well as Captain Inouye, but his performance and the occasional interesting visual are not enough. I never want to hear a male chorus sing “Home Sweet Home” ever again. Ever. (For whatever it’s worth, the plot synopses in both IMDb and Wikipedia are wildly inaccurate and IMDb misidentifies actors and roles and even mislabels photos from the movie.) Add a point for Rentarō Mikuni. 4/10. [3/26/12]




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