L’argent [1983]

largent-robert-bresson-final-film-hand19/10 | 8.Mar.12

DIRECTOR: Robert Bresson | WRITER: Robert Bresson | CAST: Christian Patey, Vincent Risterucci, Caroline Lang, Sylvie Van den Elsen, Michel Briguet, Béatrice Tabourin, Didier Baussy, Marc Ernest Fourneau | France

I guess it’s the mark of the True Believer, but I can’t get a handle on Bresson’s L’argent and I don’t know what I think aside from assuming that it must be me Just Not Getting It. This after watching it again today and spending a day reading various critiques of it that range from the merely dense (“The film though has some flaws. Bresson was known for using non-professionals….No one really creates any emotion. If you do feel anything it is because of the situation itself which may be dramatic which may lead you to identify with either the idea or the event. But I don’t think someone would see a connection with the character themselves.”) to the wildly speculative and everything in between. So I’m going to cop out and give it 8/10. For now. [3/7/12]

NOTE: I’ve since upped my rating to 9/10 but I haven’t written down my impressions of the film now that I’ve had the time to think about it. Not yet, anyway.



  1. […] the ham factory that the oldest brother works at, for instance, are highly reminiscent of scenes in L’argent, at least in their look and feel), but I think maybe that’s giving Morel too much credit. […]

  2. […] in Une femme douce and the bank robbery and high speed chase and the multiple murders by ax in L’argent as one of my favorite abstracted, minimalist action sequences ever in film. Not that that category […]

  3. […] halfway through the movie into amusement. Much of the movie looks and feels almost exactly like L’argent, but with generous allusions, visual and otherwise, to half a dozen other Bresson films. Toutes les […]


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