Caché [2005]

07Mar12 – 9 – Caché (Michael Haneke: 2005)

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Esse est percipi, quipped jolly Bishop Berkeley, which in the case of CACHÉ (2005) might be Englished as “to be is to be watched”. I went into CACHÉ without having any real knowledge of the plot other than “affluent Parisian couple receive anonymous videotape surveillance of the outside of their house; other videos are sent; escalating paranoia” or words to that effect.

Well. It was absolutely clear from the first 20 seconds that this movie requires rapt attention and focus, so I gave it my all and caught a number (4, possibly 5) of anomalies that seemed to point in the direction of a solution. So I read the two Roger Ebert pieces linked to at IMDb and was proud that I caught both of clues that Ebert points out (one during his second viewing of the film, the other after his third) plus an additional 2 and maybe 3 others. So I watched the movie again and confirmed the 4 but am still uncertain about the 5th. So maybe I’ll watch it again, later, but noting here that I tend to grow less enchanted with mysteries and thrillers on repeated viewings if the whodunnit aspect is really the only thing interesting about it.

Superb screenplay and directing, and Daniel Auteuil and especially Juliette Binoche turn in note-perfect performances. 9/10. [3/7/12]


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