Klopka [2007]

05Mar12 – 3 – Klopka [Клопка, The Trap] (Srdan Golubović: 2007)

THE TRAP (Клопка, Klopka, 2007). Stop me when the set up starts to sound familiar. A nice Belgrade couple, he’s an engineer and she teaches English, making enough to get by but no extras, have a spunky and cute-as-a-button 7 year old boy. But see, the boy has a heart problem and he’ll die, perhaps within weeks, if he doesn’t have an operation, in Germany, that costs as much as a new car but that has to be paid for out of pocket because their insurance won’t cover it. So they

place an ad in the paper asking for help. An anonymous man contacts the husband of the couple and offers a deal: he’ll pay for the kid’s operation, in full, if the husband bumps off someone that the man wants dead. No questions asked so that the husband can’t be tied to the murder. You probably knew where that was going at the words “heart problem”, right?

Offensively manipulative, meretricious crap that rings hollow through and through. Fake suspense, routine screenplay, barely passable acting. 2/10. [4/5/12]



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