El espíritu de la colmela [1973]

01Mar12 – 5 – El espíritu de la colmela [The Spirit of the Beehive] (Victor Erice: 1973)

It’s often been pointed out that under authoritarian governments the only way that some thoughts and ideas can be expressed is by indirection or through allegory, and that that has resulted in some powerful works of art. It is also true, however, that sometimes these allegories are so crude, so obvious, so damn ham-fisted, that one — well, I — wonder why any pretense was being made in the first place. THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (El Espíritu de la colmena, 1973) falls into th

at latter category. On the plus side, the film beautifully captures just how forlorn Castille actually looks; ironically, the cinematographer was going blind during the shoot. And the performance of the young girl playing the lead was excellent. Her performance plus the cinematography gave this an extra point. 5/10. [2/29/12]


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