Bob le flambeur [1956]

26Feb12 – 5 – Bob le flambeur (Jean-Pierre Melville: 1956)

BOB LE FLAMBEUR (1956) was Jean-Pierre Melville’s fourth feature film. I’m still feeling my way through Melville’s oeuvre, but it is definitely turning out to be the case that I prefer his later to his earlier works.* There was something slack in the direction of this film and I felt none of the suspense and tension that I would imagine Melville was striving to create. I suppose the fact that all things gambling bore me to tears might have something to do with it. BOB LE FLAM

BEUR was famously made on a shoestring budget and under straightened circumstances; unfortunately, every bit of that privation is visible on screen. I feel bad about this, but I’m giving the film a score of 5/10. It’s an OK movie. Kind of. [2/26/12]*So far I’ve seen BOB LE FLAMBEUR (1956) – 5/10; LÉON MORIN, PRÊTRE (1961) – 6/10; LE DOULOS (1962) – 7/10; and LE SAMOURAÏ (1967) – 8/10 (based on seeing 60 minutes of the film).



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