Cronaca di un amore [1950]

25Feb12 – 3 – Cronaca di un amore (Michelangelo Antonioni: 1950)

CRONACA DI UN AMORE (1950) was Antonioni’s first feature film. Let’s see what some IMDb citizen-critics think about it. “For those viewers who are uncertain of Antonioni’s capacity to make enjoyably great films”, er, no. Let’s try another: “The very first feature film of Michelangelo Antonioni, Story of a Love Affair as introduced by Lorenzo Codelli, was a film that dealt with the metaphysics, and had very little neo-realist elements….” Antonioni the metaphysician? Sounds promising, but not quite right.

Maybe this guy from Prague has it: “Billed as Antonioni’s very first feature-length debut, and started his auteurism career, CRONACA DI UN AMORE revolves around a noir story about a female fatale conspiring a scheme to kill her rich husband with her ex-lover. The film is a mediocre attempt for Antonioni to ooze his budding genius, ending with a patchy denouement.” I couldn’t put it better myself. 3/10. [2/25/12] (Reminder: 3 = really bad. I gave L’AVVENTURA and L’ECLISSE each a 10 and would probably give LE AMICHE an 8.)



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