A Woman of Affairs [1928]

19Feb12 – 7 – A Woman of Affairs (Clarence Brown: 1928)

Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. What can I say? I love A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (1928). John Gilbert does not flare his nostrils and chew the scenery for once and is wonderful, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is almost pretty good, and Lewis Stone is the handsome, dapper old man I’ve always loved. Garbo’s acting always astonishes because she’s at her best when she seemingly isn’t doing anything at all and then she’s magnificent. I’d forgotten some of the odd camera moves (strange tracking shot

s and zooms) and everyone appears to live in gorgeously decorated airplane hangars. The copy I found on the ‘tubes is not the best (it’s a little fuzzy) and it’s missing about 5 minutes (mostly of Garbo and Gilbert together). I don’t know what a Garbo indifferent person might think about it; probably not much. 7/10. [2/19/12]


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