Slander [1957]

11Feb12 – 4 – Slander (Roy Rowland: 1957)

SLANDER (1957) is a B-movie about a scandal magazine that ruins reputations and blackmails lesser actors to get dirt on the stars, but curiously the magazine in the movie only prints true stories. Van Johnson is agonizingly awful as a kiddie TV-show puppeteer, but Ann Blythe as his bizarre looking and acting wife is frightening. Marjorie Rambeau turns in a fine performance as the alcoholic and disapproving mother of Real Truth’s publisher, the oily and cynical (and very probably gay: he’s a bachelor, dresses well, knows fine dining and interior decorating, and loves his mother) H.R. Manley, played by Steve Cochran. Steve Cochran! A name to conjure with. If only he’d been given more to do. I wonder if George Clooney is conscious of the fact that he’s made a career out of copying Steve Cochran’s looks and mannerisms. 4/10. [2/11/12]



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