Munich [2005]

10Feb12 – 5 – Munich (Steven Spielberg: 2005)

I just can’t get worked up about MUNICH (2005). Not only does the mediocre actor in the focal role exude anti-charisma, but the characters surrounding him are stock types unimaginatively played, the screenplay is filled with way too much overly explicit “I am doing this to avenge the savage slaughter of my people at…” oratory, and there are some stylistic oddities in the way certain scenes are shot and structured that makes me think there’s a hell of a lot of footage on the

 cutting room floor. (Essentially, flashbacks of events that we’re meant to believe are playing out in the memory of a character who couldn’t possibly *have* those memories unless this was meant originally to be a counterfactual movie.) I’m sure this movie is liked by the kind of people who like this kind of movie. Daniel Craig has really blue eyes. *Really* blue. 5/10. [2/9/12]


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