Where Love Has Gone [1964]

8/10 | 12.Jan.12
Where Love Has Gone

DIRECTOR: Edward Dmytryk | WRITERS: Jon Michael Hayes, Harold Robbins | CAST: Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Mike Connors, Joey Heatherton, DeForest Kelley, Jane Greer, George Macready, Ann Doran, Whit Bissell | USA

What can I say about Where Love Has Gone? I’ve seen it at least a dozen times since that first time at a drive-in when I was 9 or 10. Susan Hayward is near the peak of her mannered magnificence as the heiress/daring sculptress/slut Valerie Hayden. Joey Heatherton has never come close to surpassing herself as the pouty sex kitten daughter, Danielle “Danny” Hayden. And Mike Connors as the ex-husband and father Luke Miller eats the scenery in his drunk scenes. Bette Davis (Mrs. Gerald Miller) should have been encouraged to let loose with her part as the controlling ice queen mother, but she’s oddly restrained. This material and cast deserved Ross Hunter and Douglas Sirk, but instead got the B list Joseph E. Levine and Edward Dmytryk. If only it had been produced by Hunter, directed by Sirk, and Davis had let ‘er rip!



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