BUtterfield 8 [1960]

28Dec11 – 7 – BUtterfield 8 (Daniel Mann: 1960)

Not as tawdry as I’d remembered and the scenes of high camp more restrained, although they’re still loads of fun. The opening scene is a deserved classic, Gloria “at work” is divine (that black dress with those pearls!), the high speed chase and climax are thrilling (and funny). Elizabeth Taylor is better than I remembered, although the gigantic size of her head and her disproportionately short legs were disconcerting. Has a glamorous and gorgeous movie star ever moved less gracefully? Let’s not even get into her screechy voice. Laurence Harvey semaphores his performance in, Dina Merrill looks like she could have played Harvey’s mother, and I would have liked to see ZaSu Pitts instead of Mildred Dunnock, but Dunnock could (did?) do those roles in her sleep. 7/10. [12/28/11]



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