L. A. Confidential [1997]

27Dec11 – 4 – L.A. Confidential (Curtis Hanson: 1997)

It’s CHINATOWN lite, without the mystery, suspense, and dark cynicism of the original, not to mention director, screenwriter, cast, and so on. I liked this movie well enough when it came almost 15 years ago, but sheesh, the years have only made it look worse. Russell Crowe is occasionally interesting but the rest of the actors are unmemorable except for their bizarre accents: Guy Pearce’s weird go at American, James Cromwell’s touch o’ the blarney is jarring (*I* don’t remem

ber LA cops speaking with Irish brogues in the early ’60s and I can’t imagine they were common 10 years earlier), Kim Basinger’s is Arizona-by-way-of-Savannah. Threadbare screenplay with cardboard, two-dimensional characters. Seeing the Formosa and the Frolic Room and so on was nice, so I give it a 4/10. (Without the locations it’s a 3.75.) [12/27/11]


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