Call Her Savage [1932]

7/10 | 2.Dec.11
Call Her Savage

DIRECTOR John Francis Dillon | WRITER: Edwin J. Burke | CAST: Clara Bow, Gilbert Roland, Thelma Todd, Monroe Owsley, Estelle Taylor, Weldon Heyburn, Willard Robertson, Anthony Jowitt | USA

Call Her Savage was Clara Bow’s second to last film and if not a masterpiece, it’s at least a lot of fun. Clara is a wild rich girl from Texas whose only friend is a half-breed Indian named Moonglow (dreamy Gilbert Roland). Sent to Chicago for finishing school, she winds up nicknamed “Dynamite” in the gossip columns and married to a womanizing boozer with a crass mistress named Sunny De Lane (the hilariously vulgar Thelma Todd). The plot takes off from there, but by the end of the film Our Clara spends money like mad, is divorced and left with a baby and no money so she becomes a streetwalker, there’s a fire, an inheritance, a visit to a gay bar in the Village, and so much more.



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