The Saturday Night Kid [1929]

5/10 | 23.Aug.11
The Saturday Night Kid

DIRECTOR: A. Edward Sutherland  |  WRITERS: Ethel Doherty, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Edward E. Paramore Jr. |  CAST: Clara Bow, Jean Arthur, James Hall, Edna May Oliver, Jean Harlow  |  USA

Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Leone Lane (publicity picture)

Shopgirl sisters, one fun-loving but virtuous (Clara Bow), the other a conniving, selfish brat (Jean Arthur) are in love with a fellow Ginsberg department store employee (James Hall). Trite screenplay, lousy production values, terrible directing. Bow only really becomes interesting in the second half where she’s finally given interesting things to do. Jean Arthur is quite good as the dissembling brat sister. James Hall is dull. Edna May Oliver does her thing (which I love) in her talkie debut, and an unbilled (and very young looking) Jean Harlow has a tiny but memorable speaking part (her first). Ultimately, this is for Bow fanatics only (I raise my hand), and for those who want to see the earliest sound film appearance of the fully formed Jean Harlow persona.


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