The Misfits [1961]

6/10 | 16.Jul.11
The Misfits

DIRECTOR: John Huston | WRITER: Arthur Miller | CAST: Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Thelma Ritter, Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach | USA

I watched The Misfits on TCM last night (I stumbled across it about 10 minutes into it). I don’t think I’d seen it 30 years. I like Marilyn Monroe in it a lot, adore Thelma Ritter as always, like parts of Montgomery Clift’s performance, think Eli Wallach is good if a tad stagey, but find Clark Gable embarrassingly amateurish. John Huston’s directing is really quite good and I love the cinematography. Arthur Miller shows once again why he’s my least favorite major American dramatist: every single thing is a big fat obvious symbol for deep thoughts about Life and Freedom.



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